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Scott-Obregon Spanish Translations offers a full range of translation services from English-to-Spanish and vice versa. We specialize in legal documents, but can also do translations in all other areas. Our translations are fully certified by the U.S. Federal Courts, and will be considered official translations for all legal purposes. We have over 45 years of experience and pride ourselves on personalized service and quick turnaround. For a full listing of our services, see our Services Page.

Scott-Obregon Spanish Translations ofrece una gama completa de servicios de traducción de inglés a español y vice versa. Nos especializamos en documentos legales, pero también hacemos traducciones en otras áreas. Nuestras traducciones son certificadas por la Corte Federal de Estados Unidos, y son consideradas traducciones oficiales para todos los fines legales. Tenemos más de 45 años de experiencia y ofrecemos con orgullo servicio personalizado y entrega rápida. Para un listado completo de nuestros servicio, por favor diríjase a nuestra Página de Servicios.


Over 45 years experience

Scott-Obregón Spanish Translations specializes in translation of legal and technical texts and documents for immigration and other court proceedings. Federally Certified by the U.S. Court, with a degree in Spanish language from Yale University. We take pride in high quality translations.

Scott Obregón Spanish Translations se especializa en la traducción de textos legales y técnicos, y documentos para trámites migratorios y otros procedimientos judiciales. Tenemos certificación de la corte federal, con licenciatura en lengua española de la Universidad de Yale. Nos place ofrecer traducciones de alta calidad.

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What our clients say

“Margaret has provided accurate legal translations for our organization for over 20 years. We trust her completely. In this business, being accurate can make or break a case. ”


“Scott-Obregon Translations is so responsive. I got my documents translated in 24 hours and it allowed me to make my immigration paperwork in on time.”


“Margaret translated our condominium bylaws, and everyone understood the meaning even though it was a complicated legal document. Thank you for this excellent work. ”


“Scott-Obregon Spanish Translations has provided patient, friendly medical education translations for over 30 years. We are delighted to work with Margaret.”